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Selected Portfolio

Looking for my books? You'll find them over here.


All Aboard

Uncookd - December 2021

Avanti Camminanti - January 2019

Hallowed Ground

Free Bundle Magazine - November 2021​​

Ten Thousand Houses

Avanti Camminanti - November 2017


The Ogilvie - February 2017

Winner Takes All

July 2016

(Second place group winner in NYC Midnight's Flash Fiction Contest, ahead of stories from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia)


No One Told the Grapes about Prohibition

Zoetic Press - August 2021

Scar Tissue

Cease, Cows - October 2018

Dorsal Vertebra

Chanter Literary Magazine - February 2013



Between the Lines

Coordinates Society Magazine - April 2017

(CW: Israel/Palestine)


Our Moonshot

826DC blog - August 2019

Hotspots for Houston: Wi-Fi in the Storm

WifiForward blog - September 2017

FBA on the Gigabit Opportunity Act

Fiber Broadband Association blog - July 2017

For Refugees, a Wi-Fi Connection Truly Counts

Save Our Wi-Fi blog - February 2017

The Fellow Files: Sarah

Glen Echo Group blog - January 2017

Voices From the Field

Saha Global blog - July 2014

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